Welcome to the Hertford Food Swap!

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The Hertford Food Swap will be meeting monthly beginning on 24th May 2014.  We will  be meeting in the Andrews room at Hertford Museum. The group is open to all and completely free. Everyone is welcome to bring along anything they’ve grown, baked, preserved or foraged. Once the produce has been laid out on a table the swappers will be free to chat, taste samples, ask questions and then decide who they’d like to swap something with. 

Some examples of things people like to bring along to food swaps include: home-baked cakes and biscuits; home-made jams, jellies and chutneys; locally foraged produce such as wild garlic, sloes and damsons; home-made cordials, home-grown veg (great for dealing with gluts!), eggs from your own chickens, but there really are no limits. Home brews are also allowed but obviously can only be swapped with anyone aged 18 or over.

Food swaps are a great way to meet nice people, share your love of food (and your creations) with others and take home some produce lovingly made or grown or carefully foraged by others – much more exciting than just visiting a supermarket on a Saturday morning we think you’ll agree!

Food swapping started in Brooklyn, New York and has quickly spread around the world. This article on the BBC website explains some more about it: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-22539062

We hope the group is going to be a great success and look forward to seeing what everyone brings.



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    […] about something cool that Doug started getting involved with last year – the newly launched Hertford Food Swap. This is a fantastic small but perfectly formed event that takes place each month now, organised by […]

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